National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)


In order for a student to play a Division 1 or Division 2 college sport, they need to go through the eligibility process with NCAA. This process starts by creating an account through the Eligibility Center. There are certain academic requirements that outlined below. You can find a PDF version of this information HERE.

Website Registration Checklist

Take your first step to becoming an NCAA student-athlete at the Choose from our two account types to get started:

1. Certification Account: You need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at an NCAA Division I or II school. You also need to be registered with a Certification Account before you can make official visits or sign a National Letter of Intent in Division I or II.

2. Profile Page: If you plan to compete at a Division III school or are currently unsure in which division you want to compete, create a Profile Page. If at any time you wish to pursue a Division I or II path, you will be able to transition to a Certification Account.

For Certification Accounts, please allow between 30 to 45 minutes to register completely. If you need to exit and come back at a later time, you can save and exit once your account or profile is created. Reference the Help section.

High School Timeline


In order to be considered eligible for NCAA sports, a student needs to meet certain academic requirements. In order to see what Will C. Wood courses are NCAA approved, click HERE. There is also GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. Depending on your GPA, you will need a certain SAT/ACT score. Please see below for more information!

Click HERE for a FAQ handout with updated information for eligibility during COVID-19. Please note, standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) are excluded from NCAA initial eligibility criteria for students who initially enroll full time in an NCAA school during the 2021-22 academic year. However, colleges and/or scholarship programs may still require test scores.

NCAA Academic Requirements

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