Wednesday Testing Center


When students are absent from school and miss a quiz, test, or other assessment, they usually get further behind when they get back to school because they have to use class instructional time to make those things up. In many cases our teachers already allow students to do re-takes for assessments they have not shown mastery on yet, but there hasn't always been time during the day for that to work .

To address this academic need, every other Wednesday, the school hosts a "Testing Center" in the Library after school from 3:00-4:30 pm. Students who need to do a make-up or re-take will be notified by their teacher, or the student can ask their teacher as well. The student will be given instructions from the teacher, including a half sheet of paper reminding them of the time, place, and materials they need to bring. In most cases, the student will need to show their teacher evidence of preparation and study (test corrections, re-doing problem sets, or practice) to qualify for the re-take. Students will get specific instructions from their teachers on what they need to do before the re-take can take place.

We hope that this offers our students more time and support to do their re-takes and show mastery, while also allowing for students who miss class to not fall behind. The re-take center also allows for our teachers and students to spend their Academic Success time working, completing assignments, re-teaching, and preparing for re-takes, instead of trying to proctor and complete make-ups and re-takes in a 30-minute period of time, while also trying to support and help other students. Students who cannot attend the Wednesday sessions can still work with their teachers to do their re-takes at another time, but students get out early at 2:41 pm on Wednesdays, giving them at least a 45-minute period of time before sports practices, work schedules, and other outside responsibilities. This makes Wednesday afternoons a great time for students and for teachers.

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