Rule of 85


Participation in Wildcat Citizenship Plan activities is governed by the Rule of 85. This rule requires students to be in class and on time at least 85% of the time. School-related activities such as field trips and sports excusals are not included in the calculation. All other absences whether excused, unexcused, unverified, truant (including those occurring during Academic Success) and tardies are part of the calculation.

Students who fall below the 85% threshold are ineligible to participate in Wildcat Citizenship Plan activities until their attendance reaches the minimum standard of 85%.

At the end of each grade-reporting period, the Dean of Learning Support will determine eligibility under the Rule of 85 and notify ineligible students. Students may voluntarily attend Saturday School or Super Saturday to improve their attendance rate.

Appeals: There may be very limited opportunities for appeal based on significant and extraordinary circumstances. Appeals to the Rule of 85 should be directed to the Dean of Learning Support by completing the Rule of 85 Appeal Form.

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