Breanne Sirokman - Teacher of the Year

Breanne Sirokman, Will C. Wood High School's Teacher of the Year
Posted on 02/08/2024
Breanne Sirokman Wood English teacherWe proudly announce that Breanne Sirokman is our 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year at Will C. Wood High School.

Breanne's passion for teaching is evident in her unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment for her students. 

She consistently displays a profound passion for her subject matter as an English teacher. Her innovative teaching methods and commitment to student engagement have created an intellectually stimulating and nurturing learning environment. 

Breanne goes above and beyond to inspire a love of literature and language in her students, setting a standard of excellence in the classroom. She has also worked closely with the Special Education department and her co-teacher to ensure every student can access the learning material.

Beyond the classroom, she has actively contributed to the school community by being a class advisor for the current sophomore class. This year, she has single-handedly promoted Wood as a place of community in the Vacaville area with the first annual Will C. Wood Winter Craft Fair. Our Vacaville community came out to our campus to support our school. Her leadership and collaborative spirit have positively impacted not only her students but also her colleagues and the overall educational environment at Wood.

In addition to her roles as an English teacher and class advisor, her commitment to supporting her colleagues is commendable. She has become a mentor for newer teachers, providing invaluable guidance, encouragement, and practical advice. 

Her willingness to share her expertise and experiences has positively impacted her peers' professional development, contributing to a collaborative and supportive teaching community within our school. She helps newer teachers navigate the challenges of their early careers and contributes to a positive and collaborative school culture.

-- Charleston Brown, Principal, Will C. Wood High School

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